chula gift card

You are super chula!!!

$400 USD

If you want to surprise  your mother, your girlfriend , your wife, your sister, your college at work or just  make more special your date  with a CHULA woman, the best option is to buy her a CHULA GIFT CARD .

She can choose and buy any chula product and you don't need to worry about sizes , colors or  designs.

Just add this GIFT CARD to your CART and once you check out , Then you will received a email with a code (16 number and letters with space) that you can forward to your beloved person.

She can use this code anytime, She just need to add the code at  discount box once she checkout with her order.

If the amount  of the gift card is higher that the design that she choose,  she will keep the difference  for another purchase - There is not expire date for the chula GIFT cards- they can use anytime.

Please write us an email if you have any questions of you can not enter your GIFT CARD CODE. We are online 24/7 for you;

Enjoy your chula!