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Let us tell you more about our story…


We -Laura Fontan and Diego Cortizas- created Chula Fashion in 2004 after visiting Hanoi, Vietnam and falling in love with the city. Our inspiration is drawn from the people, the food and the culture, transformed into creative works of wearable art. Chula has since grown up into a unique and recognizable image across Vietnam and beyond. Our philosophy believes in inclusion, cultural traditions, happiness of life, sense of humor, handmade fashion and suitable small-scale projects.


Chula is international

Chula’s international brand identity, born from Spanish roots and blended with Vietnamese culture, is reflected in our diverse client base from around the world. Chula has also participated in fashion shows at the Grand Canyon, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Trajano’s Market in Rome, the Seine river in Paris, the WTC in New-York City, the Citadel of Hue and the Kennedy Center in Washington. Chula is also present in 3 different countries around the globe, with four shops in Vietnam, one in Thailand and one in Spain.


Chula is ethical

We work with small local communities from northern Vietnam and hand make every item at our base shop in Hanoi. We employ a skilled community of 60 people, 75 percent of whom have a physical disability.


Chula is personal

Relationships with clients are highly valued at Chula. We pride ourselves in being a very personal company because most people hear about us through word of mouth. Having a close connection with the expat community in Hanoi, many of our friends (and consequently our items) travel all over the world to find new homes. So, although we are a close-knit community in Hanoi, it is our international relationships that truly make up Chula.


All our items are made with special care so as to satisfy all customers. We hope you enjoy your Chula experience!

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