Chula is a TEAM

As a growing business, we like to see Chula as a large community. Diego and Laura’s relationship as a young couple in Vietnam has given birth to Chula. Our brand has evolved with us and grown up with our three children.

Chula is also a social company. We work with many small local communities in the North of Vietnam. We are a company that produces clothes that people care about but also a company who cares about its people. All our items are made with special care.


Team Members:
Diego is the soul of Chula. With a architectural background and a passion for art, he designs the collections.
Laura is the ears, mouth and eyes of Chula. With a marketing, communication, public relations background, she handles the social and commercial aspect of Chula.
Hang has worked for Chula the longest with a whopping 10 years. She multi-manages Chula’s sales, stock, the Tay Ho Shop and everything in between.
Linh is the backbone of Chula’s online sales and communication. She is a superwoman when it comes to customer service via emails - maybe you have talked with her before :)
Addie is new member of the Chula Team. She is a graduate from the London College of Design and Fashion. She traveled from Kansas, City Missouri to study in Hanoi and now work for Chula with Pop Up Events. She coordinates Pop Ups all around the world.