You are CHULA

I am chula. You are chula. We are chula.


We don’t mean to get too emotional on this page but we don’t know how to thank you enough for having allowed Chula to get this far. Every time you proudly wear one of our items, you invite people to everything we stand for. Chula is very much popularised through word of mouth and we are convinced that thanks to you we keep on reaching many people and touching many lives.


Part of our philosophy is that our Chula Customers (Yes, that’s all of you) form part of our community. In the spirit of this, we have a monthly ‘competition’ in which you post an Instagram picture with the tag #iamchula. The winner will then be featured on our website. And remember, we do not discriminate! Everyone and anyone can be chula!

Also, we want to remember you that we custom-made our creations!


Don’t worry if you are not a standard size, you can still wear your favorite Chula item. Remember, Chula is for everyone. You just need to follow the steps of this video and fill the form with your measures. Once we receive you measures, we will ask you for the dress(es) that you like with some pictures to double check. Once we agree on the measures and the model, we will send you a link for the payment.


*We have to warn you that Chula Custom-made service include an average tax of 20% than the regular Chula dress but we will study your case and give you the best price possible.


Usually custom made dresses are ready in 25 days from the date we receive your measures until you receive the creation home.